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Every fourth or even third person on our planet uses sleeping pills because he or she cannot fall asleep without any help. One of three takes pills several times a week and most of them are women. But pills, despite their commonness, aren’t so harmless.

Many of them quickly stop working & most of them should in no case be taken with other drugs. So, if the patient takes pills now or intends to do it in the near future, the patient needs to get some answers to the most frequent questions first.

Note: if insomnia does not pass after a month & obviously doesn’t want to go away, a patient needs to see a doctor and, most likely, buy Ambien with the active substance Zolpidem. A doctor can prescribe a dreaming pill for a short period of time, but don’t be surprised if the patient is first asked to be examined & try non-drug treatment.

To begin with, the doctor can refer patient to a specialist to sleep to exclude apnea, a breathing disorder that causes the patient to often wake up at night. In this case, the patient needs to acquire an apparatus that gently pushes air into the trachea.

If the patient doesn’t have apnea, some doctors recommend patient to consult a therapist who practices cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). During the visits, they discuss how patient changes the attitude to sleep & master various techniques of immersion into sleep. Some studies suggest that CBT acts no worse than Generic Ambien & has no side effects. People tend to explain all the unpleasant events & their own bad mood with a lack of sleep. Thus, difficulties with dreaming aggravate above any measure. CBT corrects an unhealthy way of thinking & is often prescribed along with Generic Ambien or other Generic Zolpidem-based tablets.


Can Ambien cause nightmares?

As a rule, no. But some pills, including Zolpidem-based Ambien, block dreams. When a patient stops taking them, dreams & perhaps nightmares can come back. The mechanism has not been fully studied yet, but even in the case when the effect of Ambien weakens in the morning, dreams can return.

‘I heard that if the patient stops taking Ambien, even if the reception was short, it becomes more difficult to fall asleep. Is it right?’

Yes. There are some problems, mainly with drugs that have been on the market for a long time. With the new ones, such as Ambien, such a problem doesn’t exist. Wait a few days after the end of the reception. If problem persists, consult a physician.

‘Is it dangerous to take a dreaming pill Ambien or another pill with Zolpidem at 11 PM, if at about 6 PM, I drank a glass of wine or a cocktail?’

Most likely, it is safe, but the tablet will not have the proper effect & that’s why: alcohol turns into a stimulant 3-4 hours after the patient drinks it. That is, the patient’s body makes it difficult to process Ambien . In no case should patient drink & then take Ambien. It’s a terrible combination. First, alcohol acts as a sedative, that is, the patient gets a double dose & this can slow down the heart & lead to fainting & shortness of breath, which will make it difficult for oxygen to enter the organs & damage the brain cells. In the worst case, breathing can be interrupted.

Since the metabolic rate of each person is its own, it is impossible to calculate the safe interval between taking alcohol & Ambien, experts believe. But, if the patient really wants to make a drink at dinner, do it before going to sleep.


Should I try OTC drugs before switching to Ambien?

Specialists on sleep problems don’t like to recommend drugs with no prescriptions because in serious cases, they don’t help. They are suitable for people who sometimes have trouble dreaming. In addition, many of them have extra effects:

  • dry mouth & eyes
  • drowsiness.

Important: nursing mothers & elderly people are categorically forbidden to use over-the-counter drugs, as they are more sensitive to side effects caused by antihistamines.


Is the long-term use of pills dangerous for health?

Science doesn’t know the long-term effects of taking these pills, although some other substances can be more addictive than this one. There are drugs with a limitless period of taking:

  • Sonata
  • Ambien
  • Lunesta.

They’ve been approved by the FDA not limiting the duration of their admission. Addiction to them is unlikely & some work effectively up to a year. Older preparations containing secobarbital & pentobarbital are much more addictive than newer.

Sometime later patient will need a larger dose to fall asleep, which can lead patient to think about the dependence that has formed. If the drug doesn’t work as it was before, consult a doctor. The doctor can give a prescription for other pills or adjust the dose.

Buying Ambien

It is easy to buy Ambien online without prescription in almost any pharmacy. It’s very simple and fast. Moreover, the patient can buy Ambien online at a bargain price if the patient finds Ambien for sale. The patient can buy Zolpidem online in another form, except ordering only drug named Ambien, as Zolpidem without prescription is contained in different medications. Nevertheless, order Ambien is the best solution, since Ambien is a proven drug for getting rid of insomnia and other sleeping problems.

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  • Orientación ocupacional: proporcionamos asesoría, información y entrenamiento que facilite tu inserción laboral o que encuentres un mejor empleo.


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Nuestra relación con las empresas nos ayuda a conocer  las necesidades de formación y a vincularlas con los programas, perfiles y competencias  que tienes como estudiante o graduado, con el fin de generar nuevas oportunidades de empleo.

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